Nightfell – The Tome of Shadows (Deluxe Edition)


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Nightfell – The Tome of Shadows features two books bounded together: Nightfell Corebook and Nightfell Bestiary, in a limited edition featuring a black faux leather cover with debossed design and black pages edge.


Nightfell Corebook

Nightfell is an original horror/fantasy setting for the 5th edition of the most famous role-playing game in the World.

This setting will guide you into a dark world full of terror and despair. The Undeads are coming back from the afterlife, and the Eternals are craving the nullification of reality.

You will face ancient horrors, superstition, and occultism.

You will learn to follow the Moon as your only guide in this nocturnal world.

In this ruthless setting, players will play night explorers: resilient survivors who adapted to the Lunar Age, an era where the sun is dead, and life still endures only thanks to the last Primordial beings.

This book includes:

  • Setting guide
  • A chapter about the World with maps
  • Several new, dark fantasy-flavored playable races
  • New archetypes for the classes of the most famous role-playing game in the World
  • New backgrounds for your characters
  • 4 new original classes
  • New and legendary magical items
  • 75 new spells dedicated to moon magic
  • new game mechanics that will make Nightfell a one of its kind supplement (grim weapons, possessed condition, soul points…)

Nightfell Bestiary

The world of Iùrmen is populated by dreadful creatures and unspeakable horrors.

You will discover legends and folklore related to monsters that draw strength from the Eternal Night.

This book contains:

  • 100 new creatures, with monsters dedicated to Nightfell’s lore and others inspired by Italian folklore, each and every one painstakingly adjusted to fit the setting and its dreadful atmosphere.
  • New tips on hunting and investigation, to learn more about the creatures and their habits. Don’t get caught unprepared.
  • Lore and insights on creatures and ideas for your gaming sessions.
  • New mechanics for soul corruption and moon phases related to monsters.
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