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Norse Grimoire is a 5th Edition supplement, designed to integrate Galdrastafir (Icelandic magical staves) and the Elder Futhark (the alphabet of the Runes of Knowledge) in your game sessions and campaigns.

This Grimoire is the follow-up to our work and research that started almost 20 years ago, which has given life to the Journey To Ragnarok project, our first Kickstarter campaign. With Norse Grimoire you can improve your Journey To Ragnarok sessions and setting, but you can also power up characters or worlds from any setting you like.

Our goal is to enhance both the Adventurers and the Players’ experience, adding game options and trying to transmit an ancient culture that we love.

To better understand Icelandic staves and the Runes, we decided to focus our research on ancient sources. Poetic and Prose Edda, along with Runic Poems, led our way on the path shaped by Odhinn in his journey through the Nine Worlds. For Icelandic symbols, we browsed through the pages of authentic grimoires filled with cryptic runes and staves, whose Norse echoes, sometimes bounded to continental magic, Middle Age esoteric or alchemical doctrine, unveiling a meaningful world permeated by magic.

  • Runes of Knowledge. A historical essay about the Runes, how they appear in Norse Mythology, and their role in the Divination.
  • Encrypted Runes. How to read them and how to use them for your secret message.
  • 24 Runes of the Elder Futhark. Their meaning, their story, and their use in Divination.
  • Icelandic Magical Staves. A historical essay about Iceland Mythology, the ancient grimoire, and the warlocks.
  • 36 Galdrastafir. Their origin, their rituals, and their magical effects.
  • Tattoos & Ritual Paintings. Game mechanics of the effects that Runes and Galdrastafir have on the skin of your characters or on the items.
  • Extensive Bibliography of the research that led us to this book!
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Letter (215.9×279.4 mm – 8.5×11 in)




Mila Fois, Michele Paroli, Marco B. Bucci

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Andrea Guardino

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Andrea Guardino, Marco B. Bucci

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Luglio 2021

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