Cowboy Bebop

The Roleplaying Game The official tabletop roleplaying game of one of the most beloved anime of all time. Play your own stories of bounty hunters in space, in this jazzy universe blending Western, Film

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Seven Sinners

Cultists, Demons and Relics Seven Sacred Virtues,Seven Times Subverted. Seven Cults,Seven Deadly Sins. Seven Kings,Seven Crowns. Seven Times Damned! What is Seven Sinners? It is the corrupt vision of a world that does not

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Crystal Saga

The first official live show of Locanda del Drago Rosso Locanda del Drago Rosso is one of the main Italian podcasts on role-playing games and, at the same time, an active community of people

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Not The End

Living every End as a Beginning Not The End tells the adventures of heroes willing to risk everything for what they consider important, and does so with an original game system called HexSys. In HexSys each

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Welcome to merciless Vesteria Historia is a Dark Fantasy Renaissance setting for the 5th Edition of the world’s greatest roleplaying game that introduce the setting of Vesteria, a merciless land, full of intrigues and populated

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RPGs and the Declaration of Intents

A framework designed to shape your role-playing gaming experience Written and created byRiccardo “Musta” Caverni Special participation byAlex Melluso, Andrea “Rosso” Lucca, Roberto Autuori, Massimiliano Mariani Cover and internal art byStefano Tartarotti Additional art

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The most followed role-playing/webseries campaign in Italy​ Born from an idea of Simone Rosini in 2018, InnTale is a multimedia project of dissemination about role-playing games, with the aim of deepening, exploring and spreading

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Elder Mythos Apparel

From your Nightmares to your Clothing​ Elder Mythos Apparel involves some of the most incredible artists collaborating with Mana Project Studio, bringing to life our very first signature apparel series! T-shirts, hoodies, and much more,

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