LGBT+ Icons

A story of Love and Resistance

More than 30 artists, coordinated by Mana Project Studio, use their creativity to portray the icons that have shaped LGBT+ history and imagery as a cultural and political movement.


Michelangelo Buonarroti

Art by Laura Guglielmo​


Art by Erneste

Frida Kahlo

Art by Elisa 2B

Alan Turing

Art by Laura Guglielmo​

Chavela Vargas

Art by Vittoria Macioci

Stormé DeLarverie

Art by Ariel Vittori

Judy Garland

Art by Noemi De Maio

Harvey Milk

Art by Giopota

Audre Lorde

Art by Flavia De Vita

Raffaella Carrà

Art by Francesco Zito

Marsha P. Johnson

Art by Enrica Leone


Art by Freddie Tanto

Robert Mapplethorpe

Art by Flavia Biondi

Brenda Howard

Art by Alice Girlanda

David Bowie

Art by Laurence Wendigo

Elton John

Art by Mattia Surroz

Gilbert Baker

Art by Stefano Martinuz

Sylvia Rivera

Art by Jacopo Camagni

Mario Mieli

Art by Jacopo Camagni

Cyndi Lauper

Art by Eleonora Bruni

Cleve Jones

Art by Nova

Ellen DeGeneres

Art by Elisa Romboli

Keith Haring

Art by Giulio Barresi

RuPaul Andre Charles

Art by Alberto Besi

Leigh Bowery

Art by Greta Xella

Boy George

Art by Beatrice Bovo

Jo Squillo

Art by Salvatore Callerami

Monica Cirinnà

Art by Emilio Pilliu

George Michael

Art by Freddie Tanto

Billy Porter

Art by Mattia Sterzi


Art by Marco Albiero

Laverne Cox

Art by Ruru Ruffoni

Gareth Thomas

Art by Jacopo Camagni

Marielle Franco

Art by Federico Salis

Immanuel Casto

Art by Samuel Spano

Lady Gaga

Art by Cristina Portolano

Sophie Xeon

Art by Fabio Pia Mancini

Sasha Velour

Art by Mirko Failoni

Frank Ocean

Art by Giulio Barresi

Emma Watson

Art by Antonio De Luca

Achille Lauro

Art by Fabio Mancini

Indya Moore

Art by Ariel Vittori


Art by Alice Candy
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