May the Moon lead thee through the silent lands of the continent

Nightfell is a Horror Fantasy setting, a grimdark world under the influence of the Moon, for 5th Edition, by Angelo Peluso & Mana Project Studio.

This project was born from the collaboration between Angelo Peluso, Italian author and illustrator (who worked as an artist for Pathfinder 2nd Edition, Starfinder, Numenera, Invisible Sun, Cypher System, Shadow of the Demon Lord and others) and Mana Project Studio.

This manual will dive you into a dark world full of terror and despair. The Undeads come back from the afterlife, and eternal beings crave the nullification of reality. You will face ancient horrors, but you will also come to know superstition and occultism, and you will learn to follow the Moon as the only guide in this nocturnal world.

In this ruthless setting, players will play night explorers, resilient survivors who adapted to the Lunar Age, an era where the sun is dead, and life still endures only thanks to the last Primordial beings.

“Thou wilt tip the balance since, on thy conduct, fate lies for what is left of us all. Be steady in front of darkness, do not let thy heart cede, and may the Moon lead thee through the silent lands of the continent.”

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