Journey To Ragnarok: Adventure and Setting


A Norse Mythology inspired adventure module (1st-15th level) across The Nine Worlds Setting for 5th Edition.

Journey To Ragnarok is an adventure and setting module for 5e characters of level 1st to 15th, inspired by Norse myths and legends. It is a captivating adventure that will lead the Heroes from Midgardr through the Nine Worlds. In an epic journey, the fate of men will be tied to that of the gods, until the final moment, the Ragnarok.

This book includes:

  • Setting guide to the Nine Worlds
  • 6 Clans fighting for supremacy over Midgardr
  • 12 new and exclusive archetypes
  • 1 new class to discover, the Rune Master
  • 8 Backgrounds inspired by Norse society
  • Rune Divination System
  • Descriptions and statblocks of Gods and mythological beasts
  • New and legendary magical items
  • An epic adventure for 1st to 15th level characters

Hardcover book






1,5 kg


Michele Paroli

Cover artist

Andrea Guardino (Alice Candy Guerreri for the Limited Edition)

Interior artists

Andrea Guardino, Milivoj Ceran, Simone Denti, Elisa Ferrotto, Olga Volkova, Milivoj Ceran

On sale date

October 2018

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