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In this brand new supplement designed for Nightfell, our 5E grim dark fantasy setting, the adventurers will have the chance to try a new class, the Werebeast, hybridizing with any animal species they want to! This new class provides the opportunity to explore the consequences of the Curse and fully develop its dark gifts. 

Moreover, players will be introduced to Lycanthropes’ religion, culture and role in the Iùrmen society, and they will, of course, get into potentially lethal situations while fighting against their natural archenemies: Vampires

As in Nightfell, the lunar influence will play an important role in this new book – the original game mechanic presented in the previous publications gets expanded: lunar phases strongly influence the unnatural disease of Lycanthropy, as the risks of exposure will influence character choices and actions. In Nightfell: Children of the Moon, players will have the chance to play a Werebeast whose behavior will be affected, where not directly determined, by the Moonlight. 

However the surprises aren’t yet over: Nightfell: Children of the Moon includes a bestiary presenting new creatures, a section introducing new items and artifacts and, most important, an entire Lycanthropy campaign adaptable to all Tier, for fully experiencing this wild curse.

  • A new class: The Werebeast! Not only wolves! Play Lycanthropes characters hybridized with any animal species you wish!
  • Vast and engaging lore
  • New items and artifacts
  • Werebeast species description
  • Lycanthropes’ religion, culture, and role in society
  • Conflicts and relationships between Lycanthropes and Vampires in Nightfell
  • Lunar Influence and how it works both for player characters and wild Werebeasts (hunting behaviors)
  • New backgrounds
  • Beastblood magic spells
  • New game mechanics for the Curse
  • A broad new Bestiary with new creatures
  • An entire Lycanthropy campaign fully adaptable to all Tiers
  • The Spectral Hunt Lore, a grim gathering of ghostly hunters and the God of Lycanthropy

Be ready to howl to the moon! 





Hardcover book

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Letter (215.9×279.4 mm – 8.5×11 in)


Angelo Peluso, Andrea Back


Angelo Peluso, Daniel Zrom, Matteo Spirito, Flavio Monti, Giuseppe De Iure, Michele Esposito, Alberto Dal Lago, Michela Biancini, Doruk Golcu, Vincenzo Pratticò, Jacopo Schiavo, Bogdan Tomchuk, Domenico Cava, Giada Ferullo, Lapo Roccella, Flavio Monti, Elisa Spagna, Giuseppe De Iure, Davide Piedimorsi, Francesco Musiani, Enrico Fregolent, Mirko Scattolin, Massimiliano Bruni, Romina Bandini, Caterina Bufalari, Samuele Bandini, Anton Solovianchyk

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